Victoria Zeoli is an emerging American photographer, born in 1990 in Florida. Blending film, digital, and mixed media processes to create her saturated colors and melancholy photographs. There is a feeling of nostalgia for a parellel universe in her body of work. That is where her images seem to exist. Her fashion work can be considered a cotton candy day dream with soft focused, delicate pastels, or a mythological black hole of deep blacks and blurry movements. Often blending liminal spaces with portraiture, turning the familiar into fantasy. She aims to create a narrative from ordinary locations, as well as using sustainable fashion sources. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.


Clients and Publications:
REVS Magazine, Camera Obscura Magazine, Dreck Magazine, Vanity Magazine, Ok Okay Magazine, Damaged Magazine, Imposter Magazine, ONE Magazine,  East&West Magazine, Thought Catalog, Spleen Magazine, Grunge&Art Magazine, Okay Magazine, Lavonne Magazine, Galore Mag, BRINK Magazine, Nasty Magazine, Teeth Magazine, The Pulp Girls, Curated By Girls, Dazed and Confused, Sticks and Stones, Bohemian Diesel, Whim Magazine,  Posture Magazine, Sound Vision Magazine, Bunny Magazine, Love and Leather Lookbook (multiple), Rearrange Us Lookbook (multiple), Love Lorn Lingerie Lookbook, Mieux Magazine, Cicada Wheels

Awards and Exhibitions: 
The Louvre: The Exposure Awards 
Blender & Co: Freer In Berlin, Curated By Girls
Santa Fe College Art Gallery: Call It What You Like
Santa Fe College Art Gallery: Student Juried Art Show
32nd League for Innovation: 3rd Place

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