I am driven by nostalgia. I find my inspiration specifically comes from vintage roadside Americana, liminal spaces, 60's and 70's art cinema, and my own rural and suburban living experiences. In my process I like to blend film, digital, and mixed media to create saturated colors and a dreamy light headed effect in my photographs. I'd like to think my photography exists in a parallel universe I've created. I seek to turn the familiar into fantasy. Shopping malls and dollar stores can be as beautiful in the background of a portrait as a flowering tree, and also very comforting. 

"Although photographer Victoria Zeoli walks the earth, she is notof this world. Existing between the celestial skies and subaquatic depths, heralternate art mirrors where she prevails. Zeoli takes mundane standards andraises them to astronomical levels, literally and figuratively. Her alternateviews and ethereal eye gives birth to vibrant colors, dreamy fashion, andmythical worlds. Zeoli works in both film and digital photography. Expandingher expertise in the way she views the world, her camera is her gizmo. Withthat, she enters her imagination and brings it to life.

Zeoli takes inspiration from earth’s floral creations andtransforms them into psychedelic interpretations. Her tales and series include‘Brother Nature’, ‘Lost in Suburbia’, and ‘The Transmuter’. Each projectentails a merger of subjects from reality finding themselves in a fantasyexistence. In ‘Brother Nature’, the fibers of men are adorned with the fibersof the ground and air. Therefore, appropriately paired with the hues of thepetals and the parts of their body, each subject represents their place innature. The ‘Lost in Suburbia’ series gives an alluring twist to the prosaicsilent majority. Middle America suddenly depicts a thing of the future. Anotherway of the future, ‘The Transmuter’ features an alien-like subject from anotherworldly space lightyears ahead of us. This project not only exhibitsZeoli’s skill with the lens, but also her insight into extraterrestrial edits.

Even more, Zeoli has published on countless platforms includingDazed and Confused and Posture Magazine. She has also been on exhibition at TheLouvre for The Exposure Awards. With many clients and publications, Zeoli’stalent only grows. She refers to herself as “a kaleidoscopic photographer andmixed media artist”. Her multifaceted capabilities add the perfect flair andfuel to her work. "

-         Christina Thomas for Mieux Magazine


Clients and Publications:
REVS Magazine, Camera Obscura Magazine, Dreck Magazine, Vanity Magazine, Ok Okay Magazine, Damaged Magazine, Imposter Magazine, ONE Magazine,  East&West Magazine, Thought Catalog, Spleen Magazine, Grunge&Art Magazine, Okay Magazine, Lavonne Magazine, Galore Mag, BRINK Magazine, Nasty Magazine, Teeth Magazine, The Pulp Girls, Curated By Girls, Dazed and Confused, Sticks and Stones, Bohemian Diesel, Whim Magazine,  Posture Magazine, Sound Vision Magazine, Bunny Magazine, Love and Leather Lookbook (multiple), Rearrange Us Lookbook (multiple), Love Lorn Lingerie Lookbook, Mieux Magazine, Cicada Wheels

Awards and Exhibitions: 
The Louvre: The Exposure Awards 
Blender & Co: Freer In Berlin, Curated By Girls
Santa Fe College Art Gallery: Call It What You Like
Santa Fe College Art Gallery: Student Juried Art Show
32nd League for Innovation: 3rd Place

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